WordCamp Europe 2013 in Leiden

October 12, 2013

WordCamp Europe - Inside the Venue

Last weekend i attended the very first WordCamp Europe, which brought together a crowd of over 700 WordPress enthusiasts from all over Europe, USA and other countries to the beautiful city of Leiden in the Netherlands. It was a lot of fun, i learned a thing or two and i met some great new people! All in all, i couldn’t find better words than these:

A big thank you and a round of applause to the organizers, speakers, volunteers and attendees who made this whole thing possible!

WP Armchair aggregated all Tweets, Photos and Videos from #wceu from all over the Web

Florian Ziegler has shared some more great images from #wceu

WP Tavern puts together “10 Outstanding Presentations from WordCamp Europe”

Here some more impressions i took, feel free to use the images as you like.

WordCamp Europe Venue - Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden WordCamp Europe - Inside the Venue WordCamp Europe - Vitaly Friedman on Stage RociĆ³ Valdivia speaking about BuddyPress and Multisite Walking through the City of Leiden Hanni Ross speaking about "How to be part of WordPress" Some guy from Texas answered questions from the audience Noel Tock giving some interesting insights into the building of Happytables Night View of Leiden Night View of Leiden The Party - Oh the Party The Party - Oh the Party The Party - Oh the Party

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